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Carnival Report 2006

The Reading Community Carnival Committee wishes to express its thanks for all the help and support they have received from all of our sponsors including Reading Borough Council, Newmont Travel, the Arts Council, SAS International and Magnetic Image Productions. Without their generous sponsorship of this year’s Carnival, it simply would not have been possible. We also thank all the groups and individuals who have taken part in the Carnival Procession and for all the hard work that has gone into making the costumes and decorating the floats. We are very pleased that Sounds of Steel, Phoenix Mas Band and T&T Carnival Club, all of whom have taken part in the Notting Hill Carnival, have this year travelled so far to appear at this year’s Reading Carnival. We welcome them and hope that they will return next year. You have all helped to keep Reading Carnival on the road for its 29th year.

We also thank all those who have sponsored the screen for this year’s stage.  Without the support of the advertisers, Newmont Travel and Magnetic Image Productions, we would not have had the benefit of this fantastic addition to our stage. Special mention must go to Enjuel, Magnetic Image Productions and Mr Lindsay Ingram, General Manger of Newmont Travel for their help and hard work.

We must not forget all of the stallholders who turn up ever year to sell their food and wares. We thank you for providing such excellent food and produce and for bringing the taste and aromas of the Caribbean to Prospect Park.

We are grateful to all of the bands, groups and individuals who have performed on stage. The entertainment they have provided has been top quality. We hope you too will return and support us again next year. We are particularly pleased that Magnet Man and his support band has fitted in an appearance at Reading Carnival between his concert in Hull and flying to Russia for appearances in St Petersburg. We wish you good luck on your tour. We should also say a special thank you to Flawless and Squeezie for returning again this year.  The stage performances would not have been possible without our amazing sound engineers, Sabre. David’s help and efficiency is invaluable.

Last but not least, we thank you, whoever you are. If you are reading this you are a supporter of Reading Community Carnival and without you there would be no Reading Carnival. Thank you for coming and supporting us. We hope you enjoy yourself. If you do enjoy yourself, tell your family, your friends, your employer and anyone else you meet. If for any reason you didn’t enjoy yourself, don’t tell them tell us at or on 0870 774 1977.

If you would like to take part in any way in next years 30th Annual Reading Carnival please get in touch with us. If you think it is fun just coming to the Carnival imagine how much more fun you would have if you were part of it. Our planning starts the day after Carnival!

Details and further information can be obtained from:

The Secretary, Reading Community Carnival,
P. O. Box 17,

Tel: 07714 036 509



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